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Myths About Flatbed Trucks

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Here are the top 4 myths about flatbed trucks:

Flatbed Myth 1: Flatbed Drivers are Underpaid

In fact, companies provide flatbed truckers with a higher CPM rate since it is known to be a more challenging occupation. 

For the challenging nature of this work, flatbed truckers should expect higher compensation. Companies may also provide more pay for additional work such as tarping. On average, a flatbed truck driver earns around $20 more per hour than the typical truck driver. 

Flatbed truckers consistently earn more money annually. Let’s say the average annual wage for a typical truck driver is $45,000, then a flatbed driver’s yearly pay rate would be about $55,000 to $60,000. 

Flatbed Myth 2:The Additional Labor in Flatbedding Cuts Into Paid Time

Some folks believe that the time spent loading, unloading, and triple-checking takes a hefty amount out of paid time.

There are two reasons why this is false:

  1. It’s usually faster to load and unload a flatbed truck compared to a dry van. Machinery like cranes or forklifts is normally used to load/unload a haul, which doesn’t require much time nor effort from you.
  2. Flatbed trucks are loaded/unloaded at a lower frequency than other trailers on typical routes. The common freight for flatbeds only requires you to stop at most two locations. The loads and unloading is less frequent and more successful per result

Not to mention, more and more transportation companies are compensating their truck drivers for the time it takes to load and unload their freight. 

Flatbed Myth 3: The Training is Very Long and Taxing

In order to become a flatbed driver, there are many skills that you must develop for the job. 

For instance, it’s important to learn how to load and secure the freight in accordance so that you have a successful haul. Tarping is a skill that you would also learn since there are hauls that would require a cover. 

Training to master these skills isn’t as difficult as it’s made out to be. 

Of course, the skillset to become a flatbed truck driver is respectable but you shouldn’t be discouraged by the training! 

It takes a few weeks to complete the course. It’s vital to find the proper company that gives you tools and education to perform your tasks safely.

Flatbed Myth 4: Women Shouldn’t Be Flatbed Truck Drivers

There is a widespread stereotype that only men can be successful flatbed drivers.

Many people assume that trucking requires heavy lifting and think women aren’t capable of the duties the job requires. However, there are plenty of women in the trucking industry, and rightfully so! As of September 2019, 10% of truck drivers were women. 

The flatbed trucking industry employed plenty of successful women and those who want to become a part of it should not be discouraged!

Myths About Flatbed Trucks
Kiran Kaur