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5 Best Leg Stretches for Semi Drivers

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After a long day driving around and supplying America, your legs can feel stiff and your back sore. These five leg stretches for semi-drivers are simple and can be done anywhere. None of these stretches require you to sit or lay on the ground. They can be done anywhere and are super simple. Stretch those legs and avoid cramping and discomfort.

Hamstring stretch

This first stretch requires you to be next to your truck. Step forward with one foot so there is space in between your legs. Make sure to hold onto something to secure yourself. Then, hinge forward from your hips and bring your chest, not your neck, down toward your front foot. If you think you can stretch more, put your foot a little higher. Hold that for a few seconds and switch legs. 


The traditional hamstring stretch that many of us do, where we elevate our foot and then reach for our toes actually stretches the lower back and not the hamstring. When doing this stretch try not to reach for your toes bending your lower back. Instead, keep your back straight and stretch forward with your whole upper body. You might not get as far as you did before, but you will feel it more in your hamstrings. 

Hip Flexor/Quad stretch

5 best leg stretches for drivers

The hip flexor is a hard muscle to stretch. For this stretch, do a traditional quad stretch where you hold onto something and bend one leg towards your butt. This will make a good quad stretch, but to make it into a hip flexor stretch, just bring that bent knee back. You want your bent knee to about line up with your other knee if not go further back. You should feel this stretch at the very top of your leg. Hold that for a while, then switch to your next leg. The hip flexor is a primary cause of lower back pain, this stretch can help alleviate some of that pain.

Another Hip Flexor Stretch

5 best leg stretches for semi drivers. Hip flexor lunge stretch

Since the hip flexor muscles are a primary cause of lower back pain, another stretch targeting them can be beneficial. For this stretch, you want to take a big step forward into a lunge position. Your back leg should be almost straight and on the balls of your toes. Hold onto something for balance. Try to bring the back leg knee as close to the ground as you can. Hold that for a few seconds and then switch legs. For bonus points, bring your arms up and reach back to get a stretch in your back.

Wall Calf Stretch

Calf stretches are great to loosen your calves but also prevent Charley Horses. To do this stretch, stand in front of a wall. Take one foot and put it up to the wall, your heel on the floor and your toes resting on the wall. Then with your back straight, lean as far forward to the wall as you can. Hold it for a few seconds and then switch legs. 

Inner Thigh Stretch

To do an inner thigh stretch, do a sideways lunge. Take a step to the left or right, depending on which side you would like to start with. Keep one leg straight as you lead to the side on the other one. You should feel this stretch on your inner leg by your groin. Rinse and repeat. 


These stretches will help you feel lighter on your feet and reduce cramping and pain. I personally try to do them daily. Many of these stretches are recommended by professional physical therapists for drivers. Get started today and feel the difference tomorrow!

5 best leg stretches for semi drivers. Cat stretching it's hind legs. Very cute

Safe driving and don't forget to stretch!

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5 Best Leg Stretches for Semi Drivers
Vanessa Kuras