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Driver Recruiting Tips Beyond Job Postings

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With COVID-19 and a general shortage of drivers, it has gotten harder and harder to retain new drivers. Before hiring drivers it’s important to make sure your current drivers are fulfilled and happy, as they are currently helping you run your business. Keeping them happy will not only help you retain your current drivers, but it will provide a more positive experience for your future drivers, motivating them to stick around as well. With that being said, let’s get right into driver recruiting tips beyond job postings.

Ask Drivers what they want

Seems simple but it is very effective. Be in touch with your drivers and the drivers on the internet. Take notes on what they complain about and what they enjoy in your company and other hauling companies. It’s important to be in tune with the community because it gives you the upper hand. Use that knowledge to tackle any doubts your future drivers might have. You can address them in social media posts, advertisements, and even during interviews. Always be aware of your target audience and understand that most of the time, what you think they want is very different than what they actually want. Remember you are not trying to hire yourself, you are trying to hire someone else.

Don’t sugarcoat the job

This is a general tip that should be implemented in everything you do. Whether that is social media posts, job postings, advertisements, or even speaking to drivers about the job. Always be open and honest about the position. Sugarcoating can really hurt the driver recruiting process. There is nothing worse for your company than misleading people, resulting in them quitting and writing about it online. Be upfront with exact benefits, schedules, miles, pay, and other details. If you are not entirely sure about specific details such as average mileage, be sure to acknowledge that. This will increase your chances of hiring qualified drives that are truly interested in your company and the position you are offering.

Take care of problems promptly

This goes with asking the drivers what they want - don’t be afraid to ask if there are any problems, whether something is wrong with shipments, the trucks, etc. You never want there to be an underlying problem that is making your drivers quit and you not knowing about it. It’s important to communicate to the drivers that you would like them to keep you updated if something isn’t working right. With this being said, be sure to create a safe space by allowing the drivers to communicate with you with no judgment or punishment for them sharing their observations.

Creating this kind of environment will not only make your company attractive to work for, but your current drivers will be more willing to refer people they know that could be fit for the job.

Be social on social media

When a driver sees your job post, there is a good chance they will want to research your company before applying. If they look at your social media presence, what will they see? Do you believe it's reflective of your company? Does it provide a good image? If not, how do you change that?

Social media is a huge part of many young people’s lives. The new generation of truckers is more likely to make a decision on whether or not they want to work for you based on your online presence. Updates about your business and posting behind the scenes will give future drivers a sneak peek about working for your company. 

Try to stay away from posting controversial or sensitive topics such as politics, religion, so on. You want your brand image to reflect a positive work experience that will encourage all types of drivers to apply. This is an important step to improve driver recruiting.

Check-in with your leads early and often

Check-in with your leads! Many companies completely ignore leads or wait too long to check on them. Every company is trying to recruit drivers at the moment so be sure to catch the drivers while you can. If you do your research on driver’s complaints, you will find many of them are commenting about recruiters' responsiveness. You don’t want to be too slow and lose your chance of hiring a qualified driver. 

Make the drivers your priority and create a routine of checking and contacting leads regularly. It’s important to stay organized and make notes of who you contacted and what their qualifications are.

Re-engage old leads

There is a high turnover rate for drivers in this industry. You can use this to your advantage. Look through old qualified drivers and contact them about their job status, whether or not they are interested in working for you. A bonus point goes out to companies who have content such as blogs and newsletters that keep these drivers constantly engaged. If you don’t have a newsletter or didn’t keep track of old leads, it’s never too late to start!


Thanks to social media, advertising isn’t insanely expensive anymore. You can reach thousands of drivers around the world without having to drop an extensive amount of money on billboards or radio ads (although old methods should not be totally forgotten). Facebook advertising can be budget-friendly and is fairly easy to use. It's a great way to up your driver recruiting. There are many helpful videos and articles that can teach you how to use this platform. 

We understand that it takes quite a bit of time to set all of this up and research can be extensive. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us to aid you in your online advertising journey. We have years of social media advertising experience and are more than willing to help you reach the qualified drivers you deserve. Be sure to check out our plans and rates or reach out to us if you have any questions. We would love to work with you and make your life a little easier!

The trucking industry has its unique difficulties in hiring that make it very challenging for recruiters and HR management. We hope this article will help make your recruiting process easier and more effective. 

Driver Recruiting Tips Beyond Job Postings
Vanessa Kuras