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Security In The Trucking Industry

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The trucking industry is a prime target for theft and criminal activity. It’s important to keep you and your cargo safe. There are plenty of measures you can take to protect vulnerable cargo. Here are a few tips on how to increase security in the trucking industry.

1. Use High-Security Locks

According to Sensitech's quarterly reports in 2018 alone, there was a loss of $29.3 million due to cargo thefts. Cargo break-ins has increased significantly in the year 2020 and are expected to continue to rise. The most targeted goods are food, building supplies, household goods, and electronics.

It's important to make it harder for a thief to break into your cargo. We highly recommend high-tech locks to keep you and your cargo safe. Simple locks no longer cut it as thieves have been getting smarter and smarter. Thankfully technology is working just as hard to stop them. This is a fairly simple but effective way to increase security in the trucking industry.

King Pin locks, adjustable trailer locks, trailer hasp, glad hand lock, landing gear locks, trailer door lockbox are just a few locks that will keep your cargo safe from thieves. The Enforcer, Global industrial, and Uline are just a few companies that sell high-quality locks. RFID transmitters on your trailers are another great way to keep your cargo safe.

Uline's King Pin Lock

Enforcer's Adjustable Trailer Lock

Global Industrial's Air Brake Glad Hand Lock

Why stop at locks when now technology allows you to watch your cargo. Pro-Vision Video Systems allows drivers to record and watch the back of their trailer while parked or moving in real-time.

2. Cyber-security

The internet is full of all different types of people. Cybercriminals are on the prowl to gather information about where trucks are located and what cargo they hold. Always be a step ahead of hackers and keep your cargo safe.

Prevent people from getting access to key information about loads and destinations. Make sure you have strong passwords and recognize phishing emails. Encrypt all emails which contain important information and create regular backups for your software. Cyber-security such as VPNs are a great way to keep unwanted people off of your accounts and software.

3. Park in a Secure Location

Trailers that are left unattended are easy prey for cargo thieves. Many of them cook their own tractor onto the trailer and drive away with it. Locks can get broken into, especially if they're not high-tech, so a cheap and easy way to reduce cargo theft is parking in a secure location.

Try to find space in a busy, well-lit area. If you need to leave your truck unattended, try for a spot where you can maintain a visual of your truck or within the visibility of any security cameras installed in the lot. Parking spaces that back up to a fence or wall can prevent thieves from easily accessing your rear trailer doors and are an A+ method of keeping grimy thief hands off your cargo. It makes your cargo impossible to get to and you become too difficult of a target.

  • Don’t Discuss Any Details

Picture this: A friendly driver comes up to you at a truck stop and tries to make small talk about your trip and your cargo. Seems like a nice guy with a cool baseball cap that has no other intentions other than filing the silence. You tell him about your destination, how long your drive was, and how much you miss your dogs back at home. Seems harmless right? Unfortunately in some cases, it's not.

That seemly nice guy is actually looking out for information on cargo he and his crew can steal. It's important to give them as little information to work with as possible about your trip and cargo. Even better don't talk to him at all about your work and talk about puppies instead. This will reduce the chances of you becoming an easy target and keep you out of danger.

Social media is another easy way for cargo thieves to collect information. Although you might be trying to become a famous Facebook blogger about your experience as a truck driver, it's important to watch what you post. Avoid posting specifics, pictures of your cargo, and sharing your location online.

4. Keep on Top of Market Trends

Reading the news and keeping up with cargo trends is important. Cargo theft has increased almost 30% in the year 2020 according to Sensitech's report. Take extra precautions when shipping high sought out for cargo.

Electronics, food, and pharmaceuticals are often targeted for hijacking. Location is another important factor to look into. Southern California, Dallas, and Atlanta are all busy hubs for freight and are popular grounds for thrift and hijacking. Keep up with the media and news and be aware of your location. 

BSI is a great website to get reports about trends and cargo theft.

5. Call for Help

Putting aside all this talk about cargo, at the end of the day, your safety and life should always be the #1 priority. TRUST YOUR GUT. If you feel like you're being followed or something doesn't seem right, alert someone of your situation RIGHT AWAY. Law enforcement might not be able to always help, but your dispatch can stay on the line until you feel like the situation is under control. If needed dispatch will be able to call the police if things escalate and you're unable to do so.

Security In The Trucking Industry
Vanessa Kuras